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Joanna Duda Trio


Release Date: November 17, 2021

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Hebi no fumitsuke (Japanese) - trampling snake; refers to the album as a paradox of the rhythm which is hearable even the snake doesn’t have the legs and cannot stomp at all.

Snakes have been in my dreams for many years, colorful, sometimes very bright with an irridescent glow, they appear out of the ground. Dreams surprise by pre-emtping thoughts and help to lead me in my life in general, so this time I called a work „Snake” - one long winding, aimless melody line, a bit like snake eating its own tail. This work then became „Snake trampling”
- Hebi No Fumitsuke”, which is now simply Fumitsuke - as the name of the entire album.

The trio format allows me to compose and play the acoustic piano in a way that I like - using the techniques of classical piano music from XX, XIX or earlier - rhythmic, figurative and ostinato.
There you will find long unisons and short polyphones, lots of chords, fewer notes, beats and meditation, soft and loud, serious and fun. The common denominator of it all is our sound, understanding, intellect and heart we've put into this music.

The Joanna Duda Trio was formed at the end of 2017, following from solo explorations that resulted in the album KEEN. Originally, I assumed that I would be playing solo material with the band, but soon I realized that, as there were other musicians and sounds available, I wanted to create something else. As a result, we created an acoustic sound in which rhythm dominates and electronics becoming the fourth equal element in the band. The current line - up with Maksymilian Mucha (double bass/fx) and Michal Bryndal (drums/electronic) was clarified at the end of 2018 and the compositions were created gradually since that time. The first is PVSM based on a riff I came up with during a soundcheck in 2016 and the newest piece is Grasshopper which I wrote during residency in Vaanta, Finnland at the end of 2019. This trio works deliberately and mindfully recorded the entire hour of music in one-and-a-half days in December 2020. All songs except „The Mark” (Moderat song, also part od the soundtrack from one of my favorites movies - Annihilation) are my compositions.

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