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Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate

Lowak Shoppala' Fire and Light

Azica Records

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Lowak Shoppala' (Fire and Light)
Interview w/ Indian Country Today
1 ACT I / Fire and Light [5:14]  
2 Double Header [4:34]  
3 Shell Shaker [11:01] Clans  
4 Minko (Chief) [2:15]  
5 Foshi' (Bird) [1:52]  
6 Acho'chaba' (Alligator) [2:17]  
7 Fani' (Squirrel) [1:44]  
8 Koni (Skunk) [2:35]  
9 Kowishto' Losa' (Panther) [2:03]  
10 Shawi' (Raccoon) [1:57]  
11 Minko (Chief) [2:08]  
12 ACT II / Entr'acte [1:23]  
13 Removal [9:38]  
14 Spider Brings Fire [14:58]  
15 Hymn [8:08]  
16 Double Header [4:34]  
17 Finale: Fire and Light [2:30]  
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Composer Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate releases the world premiere recording of Lowak Shoppala' (Fire and Light) on Azica Records.

Lowak Shoppala' expresses Chickasaw identity through the medium of modern classical music and theatre through eight scenes and features orchestra, narration of a libretto by Chickasaw poet and Pulitzer Prize finalist Linda Hogan, children's chorus, traditional Chickasaw and classical vocal soloists, and Chickasaw storytellers. Each scene (Fire and Light, Double Header, Shell Shaker, Clans, Removal, Spider Brings Fire, Hymn, Double Header & Finale) depicts a part of Chickasaw culture and history and is sung in Chickasaw.

The recording, conducted by Tate, features the Chickasaw Nation Children's Chorus and Nashville String Machine,  an ensemble made up of musicians from the Nashville Symphony, and soloists including narrators Richard Ray Whitman, Lynn Moroney, and Wes Studi (Dances with Wolves); baritone Stephen Clark; and sopranos Chelsea Owen and Meghan Vera Starling.

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