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Jeff Guthery

Black Paintings

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1 Goat
2 Saturn
3 Judith
4 Atropos
5 Colossus
6 Two Monks
7 Dog
8 Two Women
9 Asmodea
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Artistry inspiring artistry is a common occurrence.  A book inspiring a film, a poem, a song, a myth, a dance.  One of the less common events is painting inspiring music.  And even rarer is the concept of profound artistry spawning profound artistry.  In the case of composer/percussionist Jeff Guthery's masterpiece Black Paintings, both of these rarities have been powerfully achieved. Inspired by a series of intense and mystic paintings by the immortal 18th-19th century Spanish artist Francisco Goya y Lucientes, Guthery has selected nine of his fourteen Black Paintings as his own canvas for artistic exploration.  Serving as more than a launching point of inspiration, Guthery's intent was even more ambitious.

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PRI/Classical 24, CBC
Direct: MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Minneapolis, New Orleans, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Louisville KY, Raleigh NC, Knoxville TN, Hartford CT, Montreal
INTER: Canada, Netherlands, Poland
Online: JazzWeekly, Midwest Record, Taintradio, Party934, Jazz From Gallery 41, LongPlay, Rootstime

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