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Jeff Beal

New York Etudes

Release Date: April 26, 2024

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Riverside Revelations - live
Corridors of Calm
1 Riverside Revelations  
2 Sun Surrounds  
3 Invocation (for Joan)  
4 I’m With You (for Rosemary)  
5 Elation  
6 Gratitude (hymn)  
7 Winter (snowflake)  
8 The More Things Change  
9 Come Down, Angel  
10 Corridors of Calm  
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Five-time Emmy-winning composer Jeff Beal’s new album of piano music New York Études is set for release on April 26 via Platoon; pre-order/pre-save it HERE [insert link] and download sheet music from E.C. Schirmer HERE [insert link]. In anticipation of the forthcoming record, Beal is debuting the first single from the album “Riverside Revelations” 

Beal meticulously composed the New York Études at his Manhattan home in the months after he relocated to New York in 2021, resulting in ten works for solo piano that reveal Beal’s mastery of composition, voice leading and harmony. Renowned for his extensive experience in composing for TV and film with credits including “House of Cards,” “Monk,” Blackfish and Pollock, these new works on the piano serve as a reintroduction to Beal’s artistry and offer a new window into his work. Beal is set to perform New York Études in London at Platoon’s studios on April 24 and in New York City at Power Station on April 27 in partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which will livestream the event on its Facebook page. 

Beyond deepening his work as a multifaceted composer, the New York Études are rooted in the highly personal. When Beal was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007, he began researching ways to combat its degenerative effects on motor skills and cognitive function, learning about the tremendous impact of piano playing on neuroplasticity, or the process of rewiring the brain around areas of damage. The New York Études are the organic result of his commitment to the betterment of his mind, body and soul in the face of chronic illness. “An added benefit I discovered while composing and practicing the Études,” Beal says, “was the sense of calm and focus I experienced. I’ve become keenly aware of the importance of wellness rituals for all of us that promote good mental, spiritual and physical health.”

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