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Jay Wadley

Driveways OMPS

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks

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1 Can I Borrow a Shovel?  
2 On the Road  
3 Del  
4 Inside the House  
5 Cleaning Up  
6 Mouse Pad  
7 Pretty Good  
8 Get Up  
9 Okay Bye!  
10 Shopping  
11 Thanatopsis  
12 Kathy Goes Out  
13 Invitation  
14 Rogers Team  
15 Wait List  
16 Hardwood Floors  
17 Move, Move  
18 Moving to Seattle  
19 This One  
20 Everything is Different  
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Milan Records today releases Driveways (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with music by composer and music producer Jay Wadley (Indignation, Tales of the City, ADAM).  Available everywhere now, the soundtrack features music written by Wadley for the forthcoming film directed by Andrew Ahn.  Nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards, Driveways is out now and available to watch on demand. 

Of the soundtrack, composer Jay Wadley says, "In my score for Andrew Ahn's Driveways, I took an understated, paired down approach with textured analog production on a felted grand piano and chamber string ensemble.  The film is a delicate and subtle piece, so Andrew and I felt the score needed to take extra care not to step on or get in the way of story and character.  As I began the creative process, my way into Cody and Del's sound was through an attempt to capture the mood of childhood experiences like tooling around in the yard and on the porch during long, lazy, hot summer afternoons. I find a certain dreaminess, comfort, and melancholy to those days that informed the music's overall tone and character. To echo the simple yet profound nature of Del and Cody's friendship, I used equally simple recurring melodic and harmonic material that often plays as intimate duets between strings and piano. These melodies thoughtfully blossom and mature throughout the film, deepening their associations, and help us connect to relationships that have shaped us and remind us of the beauty and tragedy of their impermanence."

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