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Janoska Ensemble


Deutsche Grammophon

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Gold Award - Janoska Style
1 Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro  
2 Lennon & McCartney: Yesterday  
3 Kreisler: Praeludium & Allegro in the Style of G. Pugnani  
4 R. Janoska: Hello, Prince!  
5 Bach: Air  
6 Porter: Night And Day  
7 Tchaikovsky: Melodie  
8 F. Janoska: Leo's Dance  
9 Lennon & McCartney: Penny Lane  
10 Wieniawski: Variations on an Original Theme  
11 Lennon & McCartney: Let It Be  
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The Janoska Ensemble continues to cut its own path in the classical world on their new album, Revolution. The album features works by Bach, Kreisler, Wieniawski, and the Beatles, from whom the Janoska Ensemble draws inspiration: "Just as the Beatles revolutionized pop music, we want, if you like, to revolutionize classical music. When we play classical music, we bring back the tradition of free improvisation that was taken for granted in Baroque times."

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