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Jane Roman Pitt

Midnight Lullaby


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1 Baby That's Not All  
2 My Darling  
3 Dreaming Sweet Dreams  
4 Lullaby  
5 Midnight Lullaby  
6 Welcome Home to Love  
7 The Sweetest Gift  
8 La Moora  
9 Whisper Warm  
10 Forever Young  
11 Goodnight, Golden Slumbers  
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"[Midnight Lullaby] is a simple offering, not pretending to be anything more than a collection of gentle, lovely, and soothing recordings that parents and children can enjoy together. Sweet dreams everyone."- Huffington Post

Jane Roman Pitt's MidnightLullaby is a delightfully soothing collection of bedtime songs written by some of our generation's most endeared singer songwriters including Bob Dylan, Wilco, Tom Waits, The Dixie Chicks, Sade and more. In those moments when it's time for parents and baby to retire for the night, this CD serves  as something that parents and babies alike enjoy.

"New parents often play their own personal favorites for theirc hildren, rather than traditional bedtime nursery rhymes," says Jane, who holds a master's degree in music theory and literature and is a student of the history of lullabies. "I found soothing bedtime songs that the artists wrote for their own children, using their personalthoughtsandmusicalstyles."

In Jane's words, the album is a way for a parent to lovingly tell a child, "I love you very much, I'm here, and please go to sleep now because I'm really tired!" And the collection says just that.

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