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Jane Ira Bloom

Early Americans

Outline Records

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Jane Ira Bloom - Early Americans
Jane Ira Bloom on Being in the Triangle
Jane Ira Bloom - "Early Americans" in Surround Sound
NEW SCHOOL MINUTE: Jane Ira Bloom, 'Deep Edges; Improvising Slow Songs' | The New School
Jane Ira Bloom: Valuing Choices Made in the Moment
2018 Grammy Winners for Best Surround Sound: Jane Ira Bloom, Jim Anderson, Darcy Proper
1 Song Patrol
2 Dangerous Times
3 Nearly
4 Hips & Sticks
5 Singing the Triangle
6 Other Eyes
7 Rhyme or Rhythm
8 Mind Gray River
9 Cornets of Paradise
10 Say More
11 Gateway to Progress
12 Big Bill
13 Somewhere
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After the success of her 2014 all-ballads release "Sixteen Sunsets" Jane Ira Bloom showcases the kinetic energy of her acclaimed trio playing with the musicians that she knows best on Early Americans (OTL142). It's her first trio album, sixteenth as leader and sixth recording on the Outline label. She's joined by long-time bandmates Mark Helias on bass & drummer Bobby Previte and with over fifty years of shared musical history together the album is sure to be a winner. She brought the group together in summer 2015 to Avatar Studio B in NYC to capture their breathtaking sound in both stereo and surround-sound with renowned audio engineer Jim Anderson. 

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