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Jane Ira Bloom - Allison Miller

Tues Days


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1 Tues Days 4:43  
2 Technicolor 5:37  
3 Rowing in the Dark 5:27  
4 This is It 3:16  
5 Five Bells 2:17  
6 The Wild Frontier 8:30  
7 Light Years Away 6:00  
8 A & J's Test Kitchen 4:17  
9 Crayola 6:14  
10 On Seeing JP 4:19  
11 Walk Alone 6:09  
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In March and April of 2021 soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom and drummer Allison Miller came together on five Tuesdays to record some improvised duets to see what might happen. They didn't set out to make an album - they just wanted to play because they needed to improvise any way that they could. They played with complete abandon, performing remotely from their home studios in New York City in the 2021 reality of the world. Tues Days is the result of those recordings that now appear on Bloom's Outline label and are available through Miller's Bandcamp site, mixed and mastered by bassist Mark Helias with breathtaking fidelity. It's a musical duet saturated in a kaleidoscope of color. The music is spontaneous composition at its best by two masterful improvisers – energetic, tactile, and alive. Miller's multi-colored array of percussion augments her drumset in exquisite counterpoint to Bloom's signature tone on the soprano sax. The music is both rhythmic and deeply lyrical - drum and sax dancing around one another until their song is sung. The compositions are Bloom and Miller making-it-up live and in the moment, taking you on a wild ride through their musical universe.  From the adventurous journey of "The Wild Frontier" to the unpredictable "A & J's Test Kitchen," get ready for Tues Days - a story for your ears that will have your head spinning in wonder.

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