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Jan Lisiecki

Chopin Complete Nocturnes

Deutsche Grammophon

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Jan Lisiecki - Moving Classics Interview
1 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 1 in B flat minor op_ 9 no_ 1  
2 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 2 in E flat major op_ 9 no_ 2  
3 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 3 in B major op_ 9 no_ 3  
4 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 4 in F major op_ 15 no_ 1  
5 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 5 in F sharp major op_ 15 no_ 2  
6 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 6 in G minor op_ 15 no_ 3  
7 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 7 in C sharp minor op_ 27 no_ 1  
8 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 8 in D flat major op_ 27 no_ 2  
9 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 9 in B major op_ 32 no_ 1  
10 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 10 in A flat major op_ 32 no_ 2  
11 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 11 in G minor op_ 37 no_ 1  
12 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 12 in G major op_ 37 no_ 2  
13 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 13 in C minor op_ 48 no_ 1  
14 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 14 in F sharp minor op_ 48 no_ 2  
15 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 15 in F minor op_ 55 no_ 1  
16 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 16 in E flat major op_ 55 no_ 2  
17 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 17 in B major op_ 62 no_ 1  
18 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 18 in E major op_ 62 no_ 2  
19 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 19 in E minor op_ posth_72 no  
20 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 21 in C minor op_ posth  
21 CHOPIN Nocturne No_ 20 in C sharp minor op_ posth  
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For his eighth and latest Deutsche Grammophon album, Canadian pianist extraordinaire Jan Lisiecki has chosen to return to the music of Frédéric Chopin. Following on from Works for Piano & Orchestra (2017) and Chopin: Études (2013), Chopin: Complete Nocturnes is now set for international release on 13 August 2021 and features profoundly personal interpretations of some of the most beautiful and best-loved pieces ever written for solo piano. 

Lisiecki is perhaps most celebrated for his masterfully sensitive and refined interpretative approach. His newest release – recorded last October at Berlin's historic Meistersaal – not only captures the spirit of Chopin's pianism, but also represents the time and circumstances in which it was made, as the pianist himself explains: "I'm the first to question why we should record something that has been recorded many times before. But music only lives through performance and is different every time we hear it, even when it's a recording. I think there was something for me to say with this album. It reflects on the last year and my thoughts on that as well as on the escape and understanding that music gives us." 

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