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Jan Kalinowski, Marek Szlezer - Cracow Duo

Tansman Works for Cello and Piano


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1 Deux pieces pour violoncelle et piano_I Melodie Lento  
2 Deux pieces pour violoncelle et piano_II Capriccio Molto vivo  
3 Sonate No. 2 pour violoncelle et piano_ I Allegro moderato  
4 II Largo  
5 III Scherzo Allegro grazioso  
6 Fantaisie pour violoncelle avec orchestre ou piano_Moderato - Molto vivace  
7 Partita pour violoncelle et piano_I Pre´ambule, Interlude et Toccata Lento  
8 II Dialogue et Aria Andante sostenuto - Molto piu lento sostenuto - tempo primo  
9 III Divertimento Allegro  
10 IV Interlude Andante cantabile - Tranquillo  
11 V Cadence et Fugue Largo improvisando - Allegro deciso  
12 Quatre pieces faciles pour violoncelle et piano_ I Cavatine Moderato  
13 II Sicilienne Andante grazioso  
14 III Rondine Allegro ma non troppo  
15 IV Serenade Allegretto  
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Known as the Cracow Duo, cellist Jan Kalinowski and pianist Marek Szlezer share a special commitment to and fascination with music written by rarely performed Polish composers. They tirelessly perform these works across the globe. The Cracow Duo returns to the U.S. for a tour 10.29.2023 – 11.12.2023 with concerts in California, New York, and Chicago. Cracow Duo will perform works by Polish and Polish-Jewish composers including Fryderyk Chopin, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Zygmunt Stojowski, Marta Ptaszynska, Aleksander Tansman, Roman Ryterband, Szymon Laks, Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Krzysztof Meyer, Krzesimir Debski, and Marcel Chyrzynski.

To the general amazement of musical circles, Aleksander Tansman, a citizen of Lódz, young student of law, and student of Piotr Rytel and Henryk Melcer, swept all three prizes (the Grand Prix and two honorable mentions) at the first Warsaw composition competition, organized in independent Poland in 1919. Owing to this spectacular success, he then organized his first composition concert in Lódz and Warsaw. During the concert held on 27th of February 1919 in Lódz, he performed together with Eli Kochanski his first three compositions for cello and piano, including Sonata No.1 (Allegro, Adagio, Fugue), written in 1918. The manuscripts later went missing; however, the fact that they once existed and the record of favorable critical reviews after the concert prove the young composer's interest in the cello as a solo instrument.

The Cracow Duo set to tour the US between October 29 and November 12. SEE THE DATES HERE

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