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Jan Garbarek, The Hilliard Ensemble

Remember Me, My Dear


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1 Ov Zarmanali  
2 Procurans Odium  
3 Allting Finns  
4 Litany  
5 Dostoino Est  
6 Sanctus  
7 Most Holy Mother Of God  
8 Procedentum Sponsum  
9 Se Je Fayz Deuil  
10 Alleluia Nativitas  
11 O Ignis Spiritus  
12 We Are The Stars  
13 Agnus Dei  
14 Remember Me, My Dear  
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Garbarek blends with the vocal lines – sung captivatingly by the Hilliards – like a fifth voice. With restraint and the greatest of control he wanders and floats through the spaces created by the singers…The early music is not just given a modern sheen. Garbarek explores a space from the inside, but with a sound whose hymnic character and pathos cannot be denied. The music raises the question of what is old and what is new. - Peter Rüedi, Die Weltwoche 

25 years on from the release of Officium, the groundbreaking alliance of Jan Garbarek and The Hilliard Ensemble, comes a live album from their unforgettable final tour. Remember me, my dear, named for the Scottish ballad which concludes the concert, was recorded in October 2014 at Chiesa della Collegiata dei Santi Pietro e Stefano in Bellinzona, in the Ticino canton of Switzerland. The album embodies all the special attributes of this unique alliance between the Norwegian saxophonist and the British vocal ensemble.

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