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James Newton Howard

All The Light We Cannot See fr. Netflix Series

Sony Masterworks
Release Date: November 3, 2023

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Tudum Exclusive | Netflix
1 Main Title  
2 August 1944  
3 Falling Leaflets  
4 Werner Listens  
5 Secrets  
6 Depart Immediately  
7 Model City  
8 To the Museum  
9 A Day at the Museum  
10 Wire  
11 Messages in Code  
12 A Small Miracle  
13 A Great Professor  
14 Top of My Class  
15 Reason to Hope  
16 Spilled Milk  
17 Ten Seconds  
18 Retrieving the Jewels  
19 Father's Fault  
20 Burning Carousel  
21 Illegal Broadcast  
22 Broken Radio  
23 Fix it or Die  
24 No Trains Left  
25 Burden  
26 A Promise  
27 Traditional Welcome  
28 Finding 1310  
29 Time to Meet  
30 Take The Weapon  
31 Thought Destroys Action  
32 Genius is a Gift  
33 You are the Professor  
34 Catching Breath  
35 Model Building  
36 The Committee  
37 Speak To Me  
38 Fearless  
39 No Escape  
40 No Time for Games  
41 Ask Me Again  
42 I Need Your Strength  
43 I Am Not Alone  
44 Not Today  
45 Uncle Etienne Sent Me  
46 Sound Warnings  
47 The Most Important Light  
48 Liberation  
49 Sea of Flames  
50 Saint-Malo  
51 Model City Duet  
52 Clair de Lune – Performed by Alison Procter  
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Sony Music Masterworks today releases ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE (SOUNDTRACK FROM THE NETFLIX LIMITED SERIES) by Emmy Award-winning and nine-time Oscar-nominated composer JAMES NEWTON HOWARD. Available everywhere now, the album features music written by Howard for Netflix’s new limited series, which is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about a young girl who is blind in World War II-occupied France. A deeply personal project, Howard read the book shortly after it was published and immediately resonated with its themes of courage and human connection, prompting the composer to actively seek out the adaptation once hearing production had begun. The result is a beautifully moving and poignant score that showcases the extraordinary and redemptive power of human connection. Directed by Shawn Levy, All The Light We Cannot See is available now exclusively on Netflix – watch here.

In speaking about his start on All The Light We Cannot See, composer James Newton Howard first admits, “I had written a couple of themes before I even saw any picture.” A longtime fan of Anthony Doerr’s acclaimed novel since its publication in 2014, Howard was immediately drawn to the story’s message of human courage, resilience and connection. It’s a message the composer hopes translates to listeners, saying, “I wanted to convey that the human spirit is resilient and capable of facing the greatest dangers.” In establishing the core themes of his score, Howard attempted to stay true to each character’s point of view, creating an essentially orchestral score with a significant amount of electronics to add depth and drama. His “Model City” theme, which features a distinctive violin solo written especially for acclaimed violinist James Ehnes, ultimately became the emotional centerpiece of the score – a piece that carries over from protagonist Marie’s youth into her teenage years.

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