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Jacob Muhlrad

Time w/Swedish Radio Choir

Deutsche Grammophon

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1 Anim Zemirot (Pt. I) 01:26  
2 Anim Zemirot (Pt. II) 01:56  
3 Anim Zemirot (Pt. III) 01:29  
4 Anim Zemirot (Pt. IV) 02:03  
5 Anim Zemirot (Pt. V)01:27  
6 Time (Pt. I) 04:01  
7 Time (Pt. II) 03:34  
8 Time (Pt. III) 03:19  
9 Time (Pt. IV) 02:53  
10 Time (Pt. V) 04:34  
11 Time (Pt. VI) 01:44  
12 Time (Pt. VII) 02:14  
13 Nigun (Pt. I) 01:23  
14 Nigun (Pt. II) 02:57  
15 Nigun (Pt. III) 02:23  
16 Nigun (Pt. IV) 02:35  
17 Kaddish (Pt. I) 01:52  
18 Kaddish (Pt. II) 03:00  
19 Kaddish (Pt. III) 03:54  
20 Kaddish (Pt. IV) 01:56  
21 Kaddish (Pt. V) 02:55  
22 Kaddish (Pt. VI) 03:27  
23 Kaddish (Pt. VII) 04:04  
24 Kaddish (Pt. VIII) 02:31  
25 Kaddish (Pt. IX) 01:51  
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Those who peep through the window of Jacob Mühlrad's studio in Stockholm will see the composer busy behind his computer screen, perhaps blasting some Drake or FKA Twigs as he works on his own music. Judging from the outside, one might think that the fashionably dressed and energetic 29year-old is producing a hip-hop or pop album, when in fact, behind those doors Jacob's on a very different and profound kind of journey; composing choir music that deals with themes of mortality, of the human condition, of tradition and of the holy. In part, it is the very dichotomy between the it-man frequently appearing on ‘Sweden's best-dressed' lists and the introspective composer, that makes Jacob's work so unique and fascinating – he is known for infusing archaic and pious music with a brilliant modernity and sense of youthfulness. His debut album Time marries rhythm and words to the existential questions of humanity, and in that fusion Jacob attempts to understand the incomprehensible and express the infinite through new sounds.

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