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Inbal Segev

20 For 2020 - Volume 2

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Haydn Cello Concerto in D Major: First Movement, Part 1 - Musings with Inbal Segev
Bach Masterclass: Sarabande from Suite No. 6 - Musings with Inbal Segev
How to Maximize Your Cello's Tone - Musings with Inbal Segev

Track Listing

1 VIET CUONG / Room to move for cello octet  
2 AVNER DORMAN / Elegy for the victims of indifference for cello and accordion  
3 VIJAY IYER / The window for cello and piano 09:58  
4 CHRISTOPHER CERRONE / The pleasure at being the cause for cello and piano  
5 ANGELICA NEGRON Ruta Panoramica for cello, bandone?n and electronics  

Cellist Inbal Segev's inspirational commissioning project, 20 for 2020, continues apace with the second of four digital EPs featuring five of the 20 composers she commissioned in response to the extraordinary combination of events the world experienced 2020. A gesture of support to her fellow musicians and solace for audiences, 20 for 2020 features an immensely varied palette of strong and distinctive compositional voices spanning a range of ages, genders and cultures, and reflects by turns the darkness of the pandemic, the BLM movement, isolation and contemplation. Collectively the works celebrate a stunning array of music for the soulful sound of the cello in the 21st century.


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