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Helene Grimaud


Deutsche Grammophon

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1 Silvestrov, Valentin: Bagatelle I from 'Bagatelles I-XIII'
2 Debussy, Claude: Arabesque no. 1 in E major from 'Deux Arabesques'
3 Silvestrov, Valentin: Bagatelle II from 'Bagatelles I-XIII'
4 Satie, Erik: Gnossienne no. 4 from '6 Gnossiennes'
5 Chopin, Frederic: Nocturne no.19 in E minor, Op. 72 no. 1
6 Satie, Erik: Gnossienne no. 1 from '6 Gnossiennes'
7 Satie, Erik: Gymnopedie no. 1
8 Satie, Erik: IV Danses de travers: No. 4 En y regardant a deux fois
9 Debussy, Claude: La plus que lente L.121
10 Chopin, Frederic: Mazurka in A minor, Op 17 no. 4
11 Chopin, Frederic: Waltz no. 3 in A minor, Op. 34 no. 2
12 Debussy, Claude: Clair de lune
13 Debussy, Claude: Reverie L.68
14 Satie, Erik: IV Danses de travers: No. 5 Passer from 'Six pieces froides'
15 Sawhney, Nitin: Breathing Light
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Pianist Hélène Grimaud is set to release her new album Memory on September 21th on Deutsche Grammophon. The album explores the nature of recollection through a series of exquisite pianistic miniatures, with a choice of repertoire embracing everything from impressionistic reveries by Chopin and Debussy to the timeless, folk-like melodies of Valentin Silvestrov. The French pianist's latest Deutsche Grammophon recording addresses music's unique ability to bring images of the past back to life in the present moment, to conjure up vivid evocations of time and place. 

Memory and music make perfect partners. Both are fleeting, never fixed, always subject to interpretation. Our identities are formed from memories, just as so many of our most enduring experiences are rooted in music. Hélène Grimaud wanted to explore the universal nature of memory, its place in the lives of us all. Memory, she explains, uses music to probe the many levels of human consciousness.

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