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Universal - Electrola
Release Date: May 5, 2023

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1 Out Of The Woods  
2 The City  
3 The Force  
4 Waves  
5 Run  
6 A New Leader  
7 The Island  
8 Out Of Space  
9 Leaving Earth  
10 Feeling Freedom  
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Award-winning composer, pianist, and musical visionary HAVASI announces his second release, Metamorphosis, since signing to Universal Music Group earlier this year. Displaying the exceptional Hungarian artist’s trademark energy and imagination, the ten-track album is mixed by AIR Studios’ Grammy award-winning film scoring master Geoff Foster (The Dark Knight, Interception, Black Swan). It will be released on 5 May 2023 and follows on from the earlier beautifully curated best-of album THE WORLD OF HAVASI

Metamorphosis is the result of an intense two-year period for HAVASI, which was filled with lots of inspiration, personal moments, and time spent in the studio transforming his original compositions into extraordinary music and songs. "The title [Metamorphosis] stands for the infinite possibilities of creating new things all the time. As a musician, I can take very different elements from all genres, from the great classical masters to pop, rock, and now electronic music – it's about change and freedom", says HAVASI. 

The new album features elements of pop, rock, and electronic music as well as a complete symphony orchestra (Budapest Art Orchestra), marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in HAVASI’s creative output, as he explains: “This was the first time in my career that, as a composer, I used electronic music elements in the centre of some of the tracks and combined them with symphonic sound. This was great fun for me since I have always been a huge fan of electronic music from Vangelis to Avicii. Metamorphosis also symbolizes the transformation of the piano itself, and I think we were able to create some tracks that could change the view of the audience of how a ‘classical piano’ or ‘piano music’ sounds.”  

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