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City Slang
Release Date: October 20, 2023

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Loved Ones
Limitation of Lifetime
Hauschka - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)
1 Diversity  
2 Searching  
3 Inventions  
4 Detached  
5 Limitation  
6 Nature  
7 Science  
8 Loved One  
9 Generosity  
10 Magnanimity  
11 Altruism  
12 Noie  
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Hauschka — aka  Academy Award and BAFTA-winning composer Volker Bertelmann — presents his new single/video, “Inventions,” from his forthcoming album, Philanthropy, out October 20th on City Slang. The moods across Philanthropy, among the most upbeat in the extensive Hauschka catalog, are emboldened by the mischievous “Inventions.” The stunning video was directed by Wataru Sato, and was filmed around various locations in Japan. Hauschka says, “The video provides a captivating glimpse into the multifaceted aspects of everyday life in Japan. It skillfully captures both the fast-paced, hyper-modern lifestyle and the serene moments deeply rooted in its rich history and culture, finding expression in poetry and carpentry. It showcases that there's not one answer, and that joy and serenity can be found in everything, from arts and crafts to the meticulous work of a train conductor.”

Sato adds: "When people from all over the world think of Japan, they probably envision Tokyo with its towering skyscrapers. However, in this video, I've turned our focus to towns and individuals who hold their culture in high regard, and to those who, upon recognizing the beauty of this culture, create something anew. My intention was to highlight that these often overlooked people and cultural aspects play a pivotal role in our society. With Japan's diverse culture and landscapes, we hope that, through the medium of sound, it can be appreciated by audiences worldwide."

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