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'Limitation of Lifetime' from Philanthropy

City Slang
Release Date: October 20, 2023

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Loved Ones
Limitation of Lifetime
1 Diversity  
2 Searching  
3 Invention  
4 Detached  
5 Limitation  
6 Nature  
7 Science  
8 Loved One  
9 Generosity  
10 Magnanimity  
11 Altruism  
12 Noie  
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Academy Award and BAFTA-winning composer Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka, announces his new album, Philanthropy, out October 20th on City Slang, and presents its lead single, “Loved Ones.” The word “philanthropy” is defined as “the practice of performing charitable or benevolent actions” or “the love of humankind in general.” Perhaps too modest to consider his music a benevolent or charitable act, Bertelmann unquestionably displays “a love of humankind” through the compassion and openness of his new music. Perhaps not the obvious choice for an instrumental album dominated by the distinctive sound of prepared piano, the renowned composer named his 14th studio album Philanthropy, his first Hauschka album since 2019’s A Different Forest.

Aptly titled, lead single “Loved Ones,” a beautiful composition buoyed by lush strings, is an expression of Hauschka’s feelings for his loved ones. He sees both independence and the desire to care for each other - musically expressed here by combining felt piano and cello - as the fuel for making plans and being creative. The video for “Loved Ones,” made by UK-based director and filmmaker Tilly Shiner, is adapted from the short film I Haven’t Told This to Anybody Before / Finding Nick Ayer. The film imagines the story behind a found reel of black and white 16mm film of New York in the early 1980s, showing glimpses of ordinary lives on the streets of the East Village and is cut with contemporary iPhone footage. This contrast emphasizes the fragility of our existence and the inherent challenges in preserving and capturing true meaning within the vast sea of visual information.

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