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Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro

Army of Thieves

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks

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1 Army of Thieves  
2 The Test  
3 Hans Wagner  
4 Good Samaritan  
5 A Life Less Ordinary  
6 Cathouse  
7 Here's the Plan  
8 Warming Up My Instruments  
9 It's Already Done  
10 Interpol  
11 Longing for More  
12 The Robbing of a Bank  
13 Creating a Diversion  
14 Safecracker Extraordinaire  
15 According to Plan  
16 That's My Bike  
17 Long Walk Home  
18 Transferring the Safe  
19 Gwendoline  
20 Escape in Switzerland  
21 Ludwig Dieter  
22 Firewall  
23 Goin' Crazy  
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Milan Records releases ARMY OF THIEVES (SOUNDTRACK FROM THE NETFLIX FILM) by composers HANS ZIMMER & STEVE MAZZARO. Produced by Snyder and co-starring Nathalie Emmanuel (the Fast and the Furious franchise), Army of Thieves chronicles the harrowing adventures that transformed Dieter from a sheepish German bank teller named Sebastian into the badass safe-cracker who became a fan-favorite character in Army of the Dead. Sebastian's impassioned YouTube videos about the fabled safes designed by the locksmith Hans Wagner (Christian Steyer) catch the eye of Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel), a beguiling career criminal whose take-no-prisoners exterior belies a desire to love and be loved. To Dieter's shock, Gwen enlists him to be part of her motley crew of some of Interpol's most wanted: the jack-of-all-trades Korina (Ruby O. Fee), rugged bad boy Brad (Stuart Martin), and getaway sidekick Rolph (Guz Khan). 

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