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Hafez Nazeri

Rumi Symphony Project - Untold

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Sony Music presents: Hafez Nazeri's Rumi Symphony Project cycle I: Untold (بعد یازدهم) Promo
Hafez Nazeri's Rumi Symphony Project Performs Enlightenment
Hafez Nazeri and Rumi Symphony Project perform Metamorphes
CNN - Hafez Nazeri
1 Atomic Peace
2 Dark Matter
3 Life
4 Stage I: The Quest
5 Stage II: Love
6 Stage III: Understanding
7 Stage IV: Detachment
8 Stage V: Unity
9 Stage VI: Wonderment
10 Stage VII: Absolute Nothingness
11 Dance of the Galaxies
12 Descent
13 Freedom
14 Solitude
15 Ascent
16 Eternity
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Sony Classical is proud to announce the worldwide release for UNTOLD the much-anticipated major label debut from acclaimed Iranian composer, vocalist and virtuoso instrumentalist, Hafez Nazeri. An innovative synthesis of Middle Eastern and Western elements, UNTOLD introduces Nazeri as one of modern music's most exciting new visionaries. Co-produced by Nazeri and GRAMMY Winner David Frost, Untold is one of the first major releases celebrating the poetry and philosophy of the legendary 13th century Persian poet Rumi and his eternal message of peace, unity and love. This magnum opus features 38 Grammy Award winning musicians and engineers and took over four years and more than 5,000 studio hours in five countries to complete.

18 NEW  33 Total
Sixty Second CD, PBS
Markets include: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore, Berkeley CA, Albuquerque, Madison WI
Online: HuffPost, Billboard, Taintradio, Blogcritics

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