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Guy Jackson

Sea of Solitude

Sony Masterworks

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1 Discover the Past  
2 Leave Me Alone  
3 Sunny's Theme  
4 I Picture You Before Me (instrumental)  
5 Through the Dark Matrix  
6 Kay's Theme  
7 Overcome with Emotion  
8 Engulfed by the Monster  
9 The Onward Journey  
10 Octopus Theme  
11 My Floating Sanctuary  
12 Lonely Dark Shadows  
13 Battaglia  
14 Ascension  
15 Cold on the Outside  
16 Battaglia - Lento Cortese  
17 Braving the Cold  
18 I Picture You Before Me  
19 The Darker Side  
20 What If?  
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Sony Music announces the release of SEA OF SOLITUDE (ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK) with music by GUY JACKSON.  Sea of Solitude is a videogame that takes players on a personal journey of loneliness, experienced through the mind of a young woman named Kay. Available now, the soundtrack features music from the highly anticipated, beautiful, yet haunting game.  Sea of Solitude is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. 

Guy Jackson commented, "SEA OF SOLITUDE is founded on a strong creative vision and music was an integral part of that from the start. As Kay's emotional journey grew, so did my response through the soundtrack. They feed each other. For the album I felt the music had even more scope to grow, and the pieces developed organically to express shared human emotions that I hope will find a resonance with listeners everywhere."

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