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Gustavo Dudamel

Charles Ives - Complete Symphonies

Deutsche Grammophon

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Trailer to ¡Viva Maestro!
Gustavo Dudamel Interview (english subtitles)
Gustavo Dudamel on Leonard Bernstein
1 Symphony No. 1: Allegro con moto  
2 Adagio molto  
3 Scherzo. Vivace  
4 Allegro molto  
5 Symphony No. 2: Andante moderato  
6 Allegro  
7 Adagio cantabile  
8 Lento maestoso  
9 Allegro molto vivace  
10 Symphony No. 3: Old Folks Gatherin?. Andante maestoso  
11 Children?s Day. Allegro moderato  
12 Communion. Largo  
13 Symphony No. 4: Prelude. Maestoso  
14 Comedy. Allegretto  
15 Fugue. Andante moderato  
16 Finale. Very slowly ? Largo maestoso  
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Deutsche Grammophon releases Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic's performances of the complete Charles Ives symphony cycle. Called "a revelation" by the Los Angeles Times, the rarely heard symphony cycle was recorded in early 2020 as part of the LA Phil's Dvořák and Ives festival.

"Performances like this don't come around every day." - Los Angeles Times

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