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George Benson

White Rabbit ( CTI: 40th Anniversary Ed. )

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1 White Rabbit  
2 Theme From 'Summer Of '42  
3 Little Train (from Bachianas Brasileiras #2)  
4 California Dreamin'  
5 El Mar  
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Remastered for the first time using the original two-track analog tapes, the 40th Anniversary Edition of White Rabbit is packaged in a softpack sleeve that replicates the original LP and its iconic cover design. White Rabbit was a 1972 Grammy nominee for Best Jazz Performance by a Group and features the signature title track arrangement of the Jefferson Airplane classic. So many times in contemporary popular music in jazz, rock, blues, folk or beyond the man with the guitar is the fulcrum on which all other sounds and voices hinge. He's the core, the engine, the captain who leads and inspires the rest of the team. George Benson has been that man for nearly a half century. In a career that spans five decades, more than 30 recordings as a leader and ten Grammy.

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