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Gabriela Montero


EMI Classics
Release Date: October 28, 2007

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Gabriela Montero - Baroque
Gabriela Montero, "ExPatria". A mini-documentary
1 Improvisation on Sanz: Canarios  
2 Improvisation on Vivaldi: Autumn  
3 Improvisation on Pachelbel: Canon  
4 Improvisation on Handel: Sarabande  
5 Baroque and me  
6 Improvisation on Handel: 'Hallelujah'  
7 Improvisation on Albinoni: Adagio  
8 Improvisation on Handel: Largo  
9 Improvisation on Bach: Prelude  
10 Improvisation on Vivaldi: Winter  
11 Improvisation on Handel: Hornpipe  
12 Improvisation on Scarlatti:  
13 Improvisation on Vivaldi: Spring  
14 Improv. / Vivaldi: Summer & Winter  
15 Continuum  
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Bach and Beyond, Gabriela Montero's second album for EMI Classics, was a sensation: an instant Billboard bestseller that one critic called "a winner of an album."  Soon after the recording was released, Gabriela was profiled on CBS television's enormously popular television program 60 Minutes, introducing millions of viewers to a pianist possessing the most rare musical gifts.

Now, with the October 2007 release of her new album, Gabriela Montero – Baroque, the remarkable Venezuelan-American pianist turns her genius for improvisation to favorite melodies by the greatest baroque masters.

Improvisation is, of course, just one aspect of Gabriela Montero's art.  She is in demand with major orchestras and concert venues around the world, where she performs standard classical repertoire – including chamber music, concertos, and solo works – to great acclaim.  Following her New York Philharmonic debut, the New York Times reported simply, "Ms. Montero's playing had everything."  This season, Ms. Montero will make her New York solo classical debut at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on March 6, playing Schumann's Carnaval, Opus 9 and Ginastera's Sonata No. 1, Opus 22, along with her signature improvisations.

Ms. Montero takes some of the best known Baroque themes, including Pachelbel's Canon in D Major, Albinoni's Adagio, Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Boccherini's Minuet and Handel's Water Music, and brings to her breathtaking improvisations the same passion, lyricism, and sense of structure that she brings to classical works.  And as the New York Times reported after one of her improvisational evenings, "No matter how complex the variations, the original melody always emerges triumphantly from a musical tapestry that might weave blues, jazz, tango, and Debussy into a multihued framework."


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