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Gabriel Olafs

Orchestral Works w/ Reykjavik Orkestra, VOA

Decca Records
Release Date: March 29, 2024

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Performance (Live on KEXP)
1 Absent Minded - Orchestral Works Version 04:02  
2 Melodia Suite: Filma - Orchestral Works Version 04:59  
3 Islandus: Streymir 02:06  
4 Islandus: Solon I 04:00  
5 Islandus: Solon II 04:17  
6 Islandus: Flora I 03:20  
7 Islandus: Flora II “The Lily” 03:41  
8 Islandus: Flora III 03:47  
9 Islandus: The Drifter 02:31  
10 Islandus: Raven I “The Croak” 05:14  
11 Islandus: Raven II “The Caw” 02:49  
12 Fantasía for Cello and Orchestra 05:09  
13 Staircase Sonata - Orchestral Works Version 2:48  
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Gabríel Ólafs has fallen in love with the orchestra. “The way this collective of amazing players becomes one is awesome,” he says, “there’s nothing like hearing a symphony orchestra play.” Marking five years as a professional composer and recording artist, Ólafs’ latest album dives right into this inspiring world. Orchestral Works features orchestral arrangements of thirteen of his favorite pieces, but it’s far from being a simple “best of”. “It’s very much a standalone work based on my best melodies, themes and motifs,” he says, “I created a new work from them. I followed what made me excited. In my opinion, it’s my best album yet.”

The Icelandic pianist and composer, 25, whose music has been streamed over 200 million times, had a wealth of pieces on his three solo albums to choose from. The opening Melodia Suite begins, aptly, with the work that set him on his creative path at just 14, the waltzing Absent Minded. It’s completed by one of his most popular pieces, the richly melodic Filma, from his album Piano Works. There’s a nod to his passion for film in the cinematic orchestral work Fantasía, from Lullabies, but at the heart of the album is music from Solon Islandus, Ólafs’ homage to Icelandic culture and his Decca Records US debut. “The goal was to turn it into a symphony,” he explains. “It’s my Symphony No. 1.”

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