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Freddie Bryant

Upper West Side Love Story

Tiger Turn
Release Date: July 7, 2023

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‘Kid’z Rhymes'
We Used to Dance
A Neon Jazz Interview with NYC Jazz Guitarist & Vocalist Freddie Bryant
30 second teaser
20 second teaser
7 minute Trailer
Samo Šalamon & Dr. Jazz Talks
1 Columbus, Quiet - Haiku #1  
2 Intro - We Use To Dance  
3 We Used To Dance  
4 Intro Love Can_t Live on Nostalgia  
5 Love Can_t Live on Nostalgia  
6 Life of the Playground - Haiku #2  
7 A Walk in the Hood - part 1  
8 A Walk in the Hood - part 2  
9 Lost MJLP - Haiku #3  
10 Intro - My Home Sings  
11 My Home Sings  
12 High-rise Kiss Haiku #4  
13 Kid_z Rhymes - Remember That  
14 Always Be Aware Haiku #5  
15 Intro - Roses and Rubies - The Cost of What We Lost  
16 Roses and Rubies - The Cost of What We Lost  
17 His Bed is a Box Haiku #6  
18 Intro - Moses the Pharaoh - Who will stay and who will go  
19 Moses the Pharaoh - Who will stay and who will go  
20 Central Park Life - Haiku #7  
21 Intro - Finale  
22 Finale  
23 Spoken Word - Like Sand is to Coral A Box of Pictures - Haiku #8  
24 Last Song – It’s Time to Say Goodbye  
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With a beautiful new music video (combining nostalgic images with modern-day in-studio performance footage,) an expansive interview feature and more media coverage on the way, composer, lyricist and guitarist Freddie Bryant released his ambitious double CD ‘Upper West Side Love Story’ on July 7. Inspired by Bryant’s first-hand experiences as he witnessed the the gentrification of the Upper West Side, Bryant has crafted a confident and profound work of art - deep, textured and resonant - written from the perspective of someone, from childhood to adulthood, navigating the simple joys, increasing confusion, and, ultimately, the simmering resentments of growing up in a neighborhood that is changing before his very eyes.

At times a wistful valentine and at others a melancholy break-up note, the song cycle is ultimately a complicated love letter to the home Bryant lived in for fifty-four years, from birth until 2019, when he moved to the Bronx.

A thoughtful and engaging two-page print interview feature in The New York Daily News, written by veteran journalist Larry McShane, chronicled the journey of composer, lyricist and guitarist Freddie Bryant and the genesis of his sweeping new release. “From gentrification came inspiration tinged with more than a touch of melancholy. Musician Freddie Bryant returns to his old Manhattan neighborhood for “Upper West Side Love Story,” an ambitious two-CD song cycle mixing nostalgia with the cold hard truth about the local landscape’s changing fortunes through the decades….” “Luckily, the musician’s distress provoked a bolt of inspirational lightning.” Read the terrific, substantial article.

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