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Francesco Tristano

Piano Circle Songs

Sony Classical

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Francesco Tristano - About: Circle Song
Francesco Tristano: Circle Song | NDR Kultur Neo
Francesco Tristano @ La Cupula de CCK / ARTLAB - We Must Live
Francesco Tristano @ Movement Torino 2018
1 Circle Song 3:18  
2 This too shall go 4:09  
3 Grey Light 4:51  
4 Never 4:57  
5 All I have 3:45  
6 Triangle Song - featuring Chilly Gonzales 3:33  
7 Pastoral 4:08  
8 Circle Song II 3:23  
9 Merl 3:01  
10 Circle Song III 3:03  
11 Nuria's Lament 3:33  
12 La franciscana 3:41  
13 Monologue for two - featuring Chilly Gonzales 3:49  
14 Tryst - featuring Chilly Gonzales 3:06  
15 Third Haiku - featuring Chilly Gonzales 3:23  
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With the release of his new album, acclaimed pianist Francesco Tristano returns to his first passion with a selection of beautiful, newly composed works for solo piano. Piano Circle Songs – his first solo piano recording in 5 years – also features award-winning Canadian pianist and songwriter Chilly Gonzales on four of the tracks, of which Gonzales composed "Tryst" himself for the album. After several years of working with beat-driven electronic music, Tristano's latest recording explores the gentler, more innocent side of his creative personality with simple, poignant melodies being the key creative impetus.

16 NEW  21 TOTAL
Direct: MOOD
Markets include: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Portland, Detroit, Baltimore, Denver, Hartford Ct., MN(Statewide), SC(Statewide), Canada
Online: AccuRadio

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