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Ferenc Snetberger, Keller Quartet



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1 Adagio - Allegro (Arr. for Guitar and String Quintet) (Live)  
2 Emlekek. Adagio (Arr. for Guitar and String Quintet) (Live)  
3 Tanc. Allegro furioso (Arr. for Guitar and String Quintet) (Live)  
4 Largo (Live)  
5 Allegro molto (Live)  
6 Allegretto (Live)  
7 Largo (Live)  
8 Largo (Live)  
9 I Saw My Lady Weep (Arr. for Guitar and String Quartet) (Live)  
10 Flow, My Tears (Arr. for Cello and Guitar) (Live)  
11 Adagio for Strings, Op. 11 (Live)  
12 Your Smile (Live)  
13 Rhapsody I for Guitar and Orchestra (Arr. for Guitar and String Quintet) (Live)  
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Recorded live in the Grand Hall of Budapest's Liszt Academy, Hallgató is an inspired and moving album from Ferenc Snétberger and the Keller Quartett. Hungary's outstanding acoustic guitarist and its foremost chamber group are heard together and separately, in a programme with compositions by Snétberger, Shostakovich, John Dowland and Samuel Barber, which unfolds with its own internal logic and dramaturgy. This album marks the artists' first recorded collaboration, although Snétberger and András Keller have worked together often in live contexts.

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