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Essential Voices

Celebrating the American Spirit

Sono Luminus

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Celebrating the American Spirit - Essential Voices USA
Essential Voices USA - Hymn For America
Essential Voices - Various
1 The Pledge of Allegiance  
2 The New Colossus  
3 Reason to be Thankful  
4 Two Paraphrases on American Anthems  
5 Hymn for America  
6 Take Care of This House  
7 Washington Round  
8 John Adams' Prayer  
9 Opinion is Power  
10 Round  
11 One Man with Courage Makes a Majority  
12 The Ballot is Stronger than the Bullet  
13 A Theodore Roosevelt Round  
14 I Believe in Democracy  
15 Admonition of FDR  
16 Truman  
17 Eisenhower Round  
18 Freedom's Road  
19 Moral Courage  
20 an Ode  
21 A Simple Oath  
22 With Hope and Virtue  
23 It Gets Lonely in the White House  
24 The Stars and Stripes Forever  
25 A Seed of Grain  
26 A Quiet Moment  
27 American Dream  
28 God Bless America  
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Sono Luminus proudly presents Celebrating the American Spirit, performed by Essential Voices USA and directed by Judith Clurman, which reconfigures musical expressions of nationhood. EVUSA joins together with guest soloists and instrumentalists, including singers Kelli O'Hara and Ron Raines, and composer-arranger Larry Hochman. There is even a new lyric by Sheldon Harnick, the famed lyricist of Fiddler on the Roof. From beginning to end, EVUSA delivers imaginatively conceived performances that articulate new visions of community and civic responsibility in the 21st century.

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Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, DMX
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Houston, Denver, Detroit, Austin, New Orleans, Berkeley CA, Memphis, Louisville, San Antonio, Madison WI, Columbus OH, Honolulu
Online: Taintradio, RadioIO

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