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Eric Chapelle

Works for Solo Piano, featuring Michelle Schumann

Companionable Streams Music
Release Date: November 3, 2023

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Reflection No. 1
1 Place in Landscape (Baga Beach)  
2 In the Presence of Beauty  
3 First Light  
4 (Fall) Leaves falling on a gray day  
5 Transformation  
6 Place in Landscape - Moulin de Senlis  
7 Full Circle  
8 Prelude in C# minor (In Remembrance)  
9 Reflection No. 1  
10 Nocturne No. 1  
11 Contemplation from a Distance  
12 Dusk to Dawn  
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Eric Chapelle composed the twelve tracks and enlisted Michelle Schumann, a Professor of Music at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, to perform the works in two recording sessions - one in June 2021 and one in May 2023. Eric performed his own works on his earlier recordings and explains why he didn't this time: "I felt that having a classically trained pianist read the notations and then interpret the works would greatly enhance the music for the listener's enjoyment... Michelle and I worked for three years on this project. And during that time, I was influenced to write new compositions with her in mind. Michelle's astonishing ability to take on any technical challenges pushed me to write in a different way."

Works for Solo Piano is beyond impressive and was well worth the wait between albums. Eric Chapelle may have composed his "magnum opus" with this album, and Michelle Schumann's artistry is the perfect match for this music. 

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