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Eric Bibb

Diamond Days


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Eric Bibb - Diamond Days
Eric Bibb Provides Advice and Playing Techniques for Budding Blues Guitarists
1 Tall Cotton  
2 Destiny Blues  
3 Shine On  
4 So Glad  
5 Storybook Hero  
6 Diamond Days  
7 Dr Shine  
8 Heading Home  
9 In My Father's House  
10 Forgiveness Is Gold  
11 Buckets Of Rain  
12 Still Livin' On  
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Bluesy troubadour Eric Bibb has put in his share of time and miles. Like any singer-songwriter – indeed, like any traveler from any walk of life – his journey has had its peaks and valleys. Diamond Days, his latest Telarc offering – scheduled for release on September 25, 2006, in the UK and January 24, 2007, in the U.S. – is a musical appreciation of the ups, a respectful acknowledgment of the downs, and a thoughtful perspective on how the two coexist.

"The title song, and the album in general, are basically about how some days you get diamonds and some days you get nickels and dimes," says Bibb. "Some days it all just comes together, and you really understand why you've been slogging through the hard stuff for all these years. Some days it just feels like you're putting in the time and paying dues."

Time and again over the past three decades and beyond, Bibb has demonstrated his ability to not only capture those singular moments when the spiritual and the everyday come together, but also extract the priceless nuggets of truth and wisdom that emerge from those moments. Diamond Days is filled with just such gems.

The twelve-song set leads off with "Tall Cotton," a track whose title was inspired by a guitar maker friend in Canada, says Bibb. "As I was walking out the door of her studio, she said, 'Man, you're walking in tall cotton,'" he recalls. "I said, 'What?' She said, 'My mother used to tell me that. It means you're doing fine. You're on top of your game.' So the expression eventually turned into a song." The track features Congolese guitarist Kahanga "Master Vumbi" Dekula, who plays in a distinctly African style. "For me," says Bibb, "to talk about tall cotton, which is a very southern American expression, and to connect it to African culture is musically, historically and personally very resonant."

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