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Ensemble Galilei

A Change of Worlds

Sono Luminus

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Ensemble Galilei - The Salmon Tailing Up the River
'No Longer Mourn for Me' & 'Culloden', Ensemble Galilei
Ensemble Galilei's Powerful Outreach
1 Trad. Irish: Cunningham - Monday Morning Reel  
2 Tony Sullivan: Moran - 1921  
3 James Scott Skinner: Hector the Hero  
4 Trad. Sweden: Nygard - Swedish Bridal March  
5 Trad. Appalachian: Full Rigged Ship  
6 Trad. Irish: Pretty Maid Milking the Cow  
7 Trad. Swedish: Polonaise  
8 Sue Richards: No Longer Mourn for Me  
9 Ryan McKasson: Culloden  
10 Nicola Matteis: Ground upon a Scotch Humour  
11 Trad. Scottish: Smith - Athole Collection  
12 Trad. Irish: The Salmon Tailing Up the River  
13 Carolyn A. Surrick: The Dust Bowl  
14 Michael Praetorius: Te Mane Laudum Carmine  
15 Carolyn A. Surrick: Dream of the Wanderer  
16 Turlough O'Carolan: Squire Wood's Lament  
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Prepare to be musically transported by A Change of Worlds, the latest release from Ensemble Galilei and Sono Luminus. Through the unique combination of old Irish tunes, traditional American folk melodies, and inspired original selections, this CD transcends a myriad of musical genres. Comprised of very talented and capable members who are both classically trained and traditional musicians, Ensemble Galilei brilliantly melds a wealth of technical capability with an abiding passion for ancient music. Through their infectious improvisational energy, the vibrancy of this ensemble captivates the listener, from the downbeat of the first tune, to the final chord on the album. All of the music recorded for this CD is part of First Person: Seeing America, a collaboration between Ensemble Galilei and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The multi-disciplinary project includes photographs from the Met, poetry and prose about America, and the music of Ensemble Galilei, and premiered in New York in October of 2010. It will tour through 2015.

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Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit, Denver, Madison WI, Honolulu
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