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Ensemble Caprice

Vivaldi: The Return Of The Angels


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Ensemble Caprice - Mozart - 3 concertos, une vie
1 I. Coro: Arma, caedes, vindictae  
2 II. Coro: O quam vaga  
3 III. Aria: Armatae, face  
4 IV. Coro: Mundi rector  
5 V. Coro: Plena nectare non mero  
6 VI. Aria: Si fulgida  
7 VII. Coro: Salve, invicta Juditha  
8 I. Allegro assai  
9 II. Largo  
10 III. Allegro  
11 Laudate Dominum (Psaume / Psalm 116)  
12 Recitativo: O figlie di Sionne  
13 Coro: Misera Madre  
14 In exitu Israel (Psalm 113)  
15 I. Aria: O qui coeli terraeque serenitas (Allegro)  
16 II. Recitativo Fac ut sordescat tellus  
17 III. Aria: Rosa quae moritur (Largo)  
18 IV. Alleluia (Allegro)  
19 I. Allegro  
20 II. Grave  
21 III. Allegro  
22 Gloria, RV 588  
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Winner of one Juno and three Prix Opus from Conseil quebecois de la musique, notably "performer of the year" in 2010, Ensemble Caprice is renowned for its innovative interpretations of baroque music. With The Return of the Angels, it offers once more a multifaceted musical portrait of Antonio Vivaldi, from the composer's description of war to his musical depiction of the joys of peace. "Following our first recording of Vivaldi's sacred music (Gloria! Vivaldi and his Angels), we return to Vivaldi's Venice and find ourselves yet again within the confines of the Ospedale della Pieta orphanage where, beginning in 1703, the Red Priest not only taught the orphan girls violin and singing, but also composed many of his most dazzling concertos as well as a substantial part of his highly inspired corpus of sacred music," explains Mathias Maute.

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