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Ensemble Caprice - Mozart - 3 concertos, une vie
1 Matthias Maute - Chaconne I  
2 Anonymous - Ciacona di Paradiso et dell'inferno  
3 Matthias Maute - Chaconne II  
4 Claudio Monteverdi - Chi vol che m'innamori  
5 Stefano Landi - Passacali della vita  
6 Matthias Maute - Chaconne III  
7 Vivaldi - Sonata La Follia, op. 1, no. 12  
8 Matthias Maute - Chaconne IV  
9 Anonymous - Czech Folk Songs  
10 Anonymous - Czech Folk Songs  
11 Anonymous - Czech Folk Songs  
12 Anonymous - Czech Folk Songs  
13 Anonymous - Czech Folk Songs  
14 Anonymous - Czech Folk Songs  
15 Anonymous - Czech Folk Songs  
16 Anonymous - Czech Folk Songs  
17 Matthias Maute - Chaconne V  
18 Andrea Falconieri - Passacalle  
19 Matthias Maute - Chaconne VI  
20 Andrea Falconieri - La Folia  
21 Matthias Maute - Chaconne VII  
22 Bach - Chaconne, BWV 1004  
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On Chaconne - Voices of Eternity, Ensemble Caprice gathers some of the most beautiful chaconnes and passacaglias from the hundreds of composed during the Baroque period. In the chaconne and the passacaglia, repetition of the same harmonic formula allowed for the representation of a notion of time that transcended that of day-to-day experience – in other words, eternity! As a geometrically variable group, Ensemble Caprice here draws on the talents of seven musicians playing period instruments, who are joined by organist Jean-Willy Kunz, sopranos Dawn Bailey and Jana Miller and mezzo-soprano Maude Brunet. In addition to the instrumental pieces judiciously selected from a vast repertoire, Matthias Maute (conductor and composer) has rearranged certain others for two recorders and bass, including Johann Sebastian Bach's famous Chaconne BWV 1004 for solo violin and Monteverdi's Chi vol che m'innamori (with its closing "Today we are light, and then tomorrow, shadow"). The album also contains hauntingly beautiful 16th-century Czech folksongs. Everything, in a program of heightened feeling, takes us to this indescribable notion of eternity.

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Classical 24, CBC, TRH
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Online:  Taintradio

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