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Emily West

All For You

Sony Masterworks/Portrait

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Emily West - Bitter
1 Chandelier
2 Nights in White Satin
3 Bitter
4 Without You
5 Sea of Love
6 Glorianna
7 Battles
8 You Got It
9 True Colors
10 Fallen
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The America's Got Talent Season 9 finalist Emily West releases - All For You via Sony/Portrait and features four original songs including "Bitter," the first single. raves that "'Bitter'…swells and soars thanks to West's impassioned vocals. Heartbreak has never sounded quite this uplifting." West wrote three other tracks on the album with K.S. Rhoads: "Battles" she notes "came from a quote that K.S. read by Ian Maclaren saying ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle,' so we wrote a song from three points of view." "Glorianna" is "a song we wrote with high hopes that someone like Andrea Bocelli would sing it. Little did I know that when we were writing it, it'd go on my record! K.S. and I both cried when we were writing it. We couldn't stop. The Angels were among us that day" 

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Sixty Second CD, Stingray
Markets include: New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Baltimore, Albuquerque, Rochester NY, Chattanooga, Canada
Online: The Eclectic Chair, Taintradio

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