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Ellie Lawson

The Philosophy Tree


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Ellie Lawson- Open Up the Door. Live in Quiksilver/bath


Ellie Lawson: Inside Out from her album The Philosophy Tree
Ellie Lawson - 'Under the spell of LA' From her album The Philosophy Tree
1 L.A.  
2 Gotta Get Up From Here  
3 Down With You  
4 Open Up the Door  
5 Never Be the Same  
6 Hour of Need  
7 Inside Out  
8 Bigger Than You Ever Imagined  
9 999  
10 Get What's Mine  
11 Friends  
12 Why the Fighting  
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The Philosophy Tree by Ellie Lawson bears an astoundingly melodic, intelligently written and intensely catchy crop of pop song fruit. First released on Atlantic Records, and now re-released on Lawson's own Whatever It Takes/Create Your Own Reality-Records, the exotic, snaking vocals weave revealing, earthy lyrics into stunning aural sculptures. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Lawson delivers sparkling pop gems.

2 New ADD's this week: 19 "Total Stations"
Direct: XM, Worldspace
Markets include: New York, Minneapolis, Baltimore(ADI)

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