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Edgar Meyer


Sony Masterworks
Release Date: April 25, 2006

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First Things First
The Bluegrass Situation // Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer - 'Why Only One?'
1 First Things First  
2 Roundabout  
3 Interlude 1  
4 Please Don't Feed the Bear  
5 Whatever  
6 In Hindsight  
7 Interlude 2  
8 The Low Road  
9 Just As I Thought  
10 Catch and Release  
11 Interlude 3  
12 Woody Creek  
13 Degrees Of Seperation  
14 Interlude 4  
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Three-time Grammy Award winner Edgar Meyer has won remarkable acclaim both for the music he has written and for an inexhaustible variety of recordings and live performances with everyone from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center to Garth Brooks, James Taylor, The Chieftains and Yo-Yo Ma, but his latest Sony Classical recording features what is perhaps his most demanding collaboration yet – with himself.  Aptly titled Edgar Meyer, the recording presents the double bass virtuoso and composer performing 14 all-new instrumental pieces he has created for himself to perform, on an array of instruments, through the magic of multi-track recording.  Recorded in the music room he built in his Nashville home, Edgar Meyer will be released on Tuesday, April 25, 2006.

Hailed by The New Yorker as "the most remarkable virtuoso in the relatively unchronicled history of his instrument [the double bass]," Meyer plays every one of the instruments on the new recording – bass, mandolin, guitar, piano, dobro, banjo and gamba.  He says that the album he produced makes him happiest in the way he was able to realize the voice of the bass.

"It was immensely pleasurable spending time at home making music," Meyer says.  "When you are dealing with an unusual voice such as the double bass, you usually have to clear the decks for it to work.  You can't just put down some drums and some keyboards, and then put a bass on top of it.  You really have to move stuff out of the way.  I hate to ask that of people I work with, because they're so accomplished.  So it's nice actually not being worried about asking anybody for anything, to be able to build a whole record around the voice of the bass without feeling self-conscious about it ... I feel it's the happiest I've been with the voice of the instrument overall."

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