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Dustin O'Halloran


Deutsche Grammophon

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Opus 18 - Frikirkjan, Reykjavik
1 Opus 56  
2 Opus 28  
3 Opus 44  
4 Opus 18  
5 Opus 17  
6 Opus 55  
7 Opus 12  
8 Fine  
9 Opus 20  
10 Opus 7  
11 Opus 30  
12 Opus 17  
13 Opus 21  
14 Opus 37  
15 Constellation No. 2  
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Dustin O'Halloran's debut Deutsche Grammophon album, Silfur, explores the shifting perspective of music through time and place in new pieces and reimagined earlier works. The album includes collaborations with American composer and multi-instrumentalist Bryan Senti, Icelandic cellist Gyða Valtýsdóttir and the Siggi String Quartet.

"Silfur is an exploration of the music of my past and how it reflects back to me now in the present. Evoking images of different moments, places and periods of my life, and rediscovering the pieces that have stayed with me. Sometimes we can only understand ourselves by looking back, and hopefully, finding the thread of who we are and who we have always been."
Dustin O'Halloran

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