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Dr. Ed Calle


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Dr. Ed Calle Presents Mamblue at ArtsGarage
Ed Calle - Europa, Encounter el Concierto
Saxophone Masters Series pays tribute to Gato Barbieri featuring Dr. Ed Calle
1 Mamblue
2 Arepa Bop
3 Calming Blue
4 Rice & Beans
5 Biscayne Bay
6 N No!
7 Thinking of You
8 Urban Island
9 Moonlight
10 San Sebastian
11 Mambo Wambo
12 Cortadito
13 Sidewinder
14 Autumn
15 Arroz Y Frijoles
16 Arepa Bop (Alternate Version)
17 Luz De Luna
18 Gruveando
19 Cortadito Con Bajo
20 Urban Island
21 Por De Lado
22 Autumn (Extended Version)
23 San Sebastian (Alternate Version)
24 Arroz Y Frijoles (Alternate Version)
25 Arroz Y Frijoles (Extended Version)
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Blending the mambo of Cachao with the structural and improvisational roots of blues, swing, jazz, bebop, Afro-Cuban jazz, rock, and pop, Dr. Ed Calle Presents Mamblue began as a celebration of and collaboration with great musicians and friends who have played important roles throughout the history of Miami's music scene. During the composition and orchestration of this material, music was specifically tailored for a large number of soloists and featured artists. As the tracking began, an unprecedented congress of legendary musicians transformed the music breathing into it a life of its own. With great excitement and energy, all of the brilliant artists featured on Mamblue agreed to participate and created an environment of love and respect for the music, each other, the music community we represent, and the listeners we serve.

28 NEW  104 Total
Direct: SiriusXM
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Portland, Baltimore, Memphis, Denver, San Antonio, Orlando, Raleigh NC, Rochester NY, Honolulu
INTER: Canada, France, Brazil
Online: Jazz From Gallery 41, descarga, Jazz Weekly, Pullin 4, thebestofbrazil, Taintradio, SoulandJazz

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