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DO.GMA Chamber Orchestra

Dogma Chamber Orchestra - On Tour & In Studio
Immigrant Song - DEMO - Florian Weber & dogma chamber orchestra 2014
Sebastian Manz - On Tour with the Dogma Chamber Orchestra

The do.gma chamber orchestra was founded by Mikhail Gurewitsch in 2004, then concert master of the Baden Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra "I Sedici". Since then, young already internationally experienced musicians have come together under his leadership to interpret music
in a modern way.

Do.gma stands for an unadulterated approach to classical music that goes beyond a slick, polished aesthetic: one which plays to as wide a consensus as possible. Its perspective is that of a generation of younger artists performing for today's audiences: faithful to the original music, but also intensively seeking new interpretative possibilities - as has been the case in all periods of musical history.

Do.gma does not see itself just as a homogenous group of professional musicians, who share the same artistic outlook. It is also an ensemble of soloists, which brings together personalities and the many-sided musical experiences of orchestra members into a complex acoustic sound. The tension between solo impulse and its trademark ensemble spirit drives creativity and forms the artistic substance of the do.gma chamber orchestra. This intensive orchestral method has a direct influence on the choice of repertoire. The concert programme of the orchestra and its musical productions include not only work from the Barock, Classical and Romantic periods, but also pieces by contemporary composers, and do.gma's own compositions. 

The do.gma chamber orchestra has made many new friends, especially amongst critics, with its debut CD, produced a year ago. Tschaikowsky's music for string orchestra has not been heard with such clarity and freshness for a long time. With the premise "you don't need to add sugar to honey", the 26 string players avoided an over-sweet style and concentrated on intoxicating impetus. Now they are putting their energies, with equal verve, into 20th century North American music.