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Dirk Maassen


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1 Introspective  
2 Air  
3 Windsong  
4 Sunrise  
5 Roots  
6 Diaries  
7 Friedland  
8 In Another Life  
9 Sparkles  
10 Earthsong  
11 Fastaland  
12 High  
13 Introspective (from Home)  
14 Air (from Home)  
15 Diaries (from Home)  
16 In Another Life (from Home)  
17 Roots (from Home)  
18 Air (Variation I, from Home)  
19 In Another Life (Variation I, from Home)  
20 Air (Variation II, from Home)  
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On his new album "ECHOES" pianist and composer Dirk Maassen meditates on the power music has to connect humans emotionally across time and space.

Pianist and composer Dirk Maassen explores how the power of music expresses feelings and connects people across space and time. The topic of his new album "ECHOES" is inspired by (virtual) encounters with fans and personal experiences which inspired the musician from Ulm to ponder how music serves as a means of communication. To him, emotions, feelings and experiences are echoed in music and people can experience a deep connection because of this, even if they are separated from each other. Dirk Maassen is convinced about this force that overcomes space and time: "With many of my pieces that I've talked about with fans from around the world – often people from quite different circumstances – these often very similar feelings or emotions are associated with situations and experiences that I went through when I originally composed them," he explains. Maassen has been keeping a musical journal for a long time. He notes down particularly memorable experiences and encounters as melodies, which he later develops further into his compositions. The encounters with his fans during the lockdown have now also inspired Dirk Maassen to create the scaled back and touching piano pieces on "ECHOES," some of which he supplements with orchestral arrangements. The artist views music as a connecting element to hold off loneliness and as a chance for people to be close to each other even during lockdown phases. "I feel that loneliness is one of the saddest societal problems of our times and – especially when no personal contact is possible – music can be something like being embraced in spirit. A kind word without language. A comforting exchange with each other."

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