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David Yazbek

Evil Monkey Man

Ghostlight Records

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David Yazbek - TERRIBLE THING from the album 'Evil Monkey Man'
David Yazbek - 8 EVIL MEN from the album 'Evil Monkey Man'
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown Musical - 'Madrid' - David Yazbek


Never Get Out Of This
1 Terrible Thing  
2 Monkey Baby Hanging on Chicken Wire  
3 Blustery Wind  
4 Traveler #1  
5 Never Get out of This  
6 That Lucky Old Sun  
7 Bazooka Joe  
8 Traveler #2  
9 Steps of Another Man's House  
10 It Isn't Fair  
11 Eight Evil Men  
12 Traveler #3  
13 Wasted  
14 Industrial Love Song  
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Composer/Performer David Yazbek has been blessed with both. But how does such an artist handle personal loss, rage and sadness? What is the creative outlet that allows for a cathartic release? In Yazbek's case, the answer came in the form of the brilliant 'Evil Monkey Man', a 14-song collection of raw, emotionally charged music, which showcases his distinctive ability to use humor as a means to process and live through a period of turmoil and darkness. Yazbek's mature, thoughtful new CD finds its home somewhere between where rock, pop, blues and jazz sensibilities mesh with a theatricality that comes from raw emotion. 'Evil Monkey Man' is the sort of tour de force that an artist can't necessarily plan it either happens or it doesn't.

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