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David Lanz & Kristin Amarie

Lettere D'amore

Release Date: March 10, 2023

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1 Lettere DAmore (Letters of Love)  
2 Il Giardino Incantato (The Enchanted Garden)  
3 Aria  
4 Sonata  
5 Matters of the Heart  
6 One More Night  
7 Alone  
8 The Enchanted Garden (Il Giardino Incantato)  
9 Cosi di Cuore (Matters of the Heart)  
10 Lovers' Bridge  
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This very romantic album from David Lanz and Kristin Amarie: ‘LETTERE D'AMORE’ describes the musical and lyrical thread that weaves in and out of earthly lovers, but also the gods and goddesses of music and voice.

David Lanz, the Award winning platinum selling artist comes together with Kristin Amarie to forge a true masterpiece. ‘LETTERE D'AMORE’ is an album that brings together a variety of musical influences with masterful songwriting, sweeping melodies, powerful vocals and world class musicianship.

Co-produced by recording artist, multi-instrumentalist: David Arkenstone who provides the state of the art orchestral score, ‘LETTERE D'AMORE’ also includes Grammy winning violinist: Charlie Bisharat( Lady Gaga, Celine Dion) and cellist extraordinare, Cameron Stone.(Game of Thrones, Star Trek).

This all original score also features: European Song Contest finalist, composer and much revered European Disney vocalist: Alex Panayi, who teams up with Kristin Amarie to provide many of the powerful light operatic vocal treatments on the album.

Special guest, bandoneon master, Ulysses Passarilla, provides his soft romantic Italian flavor, as he did in the Academy Award winning film, Il Postino.

Grammy winning engineer Bill Hare and Nicolas Ntimas, round out the production team.

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