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David Korevaar

Luigi Perrachio, Nove Poemetti | 25 Preludi

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1 Nove Poemetti: 1. Sera  
2 Zefiro  
3 La notte dei morti  
4 Libellule  
5 Danzatrici a Lesbo  
6 Pioggia  
7 Settecento  
8 Notte  
9 Mare  
10 Preludi: 1. Allegro (I)  
11 Preludi: 2. Allegretto  
12 Preludi: 3. Grave (I)  
13 Preludi: 4. Mosso  
14 Preludi: 5. Andando  
15 Preludi: 6. Allegro (II)  
16 Preludi: 7. Grave (II)  
17 Preludi: 8. Allegretto, con grande delicatezza  
18 Preludi: 9. Allegro non tanto  
19 Preludi: 10. Presto (I)  
20 Preludi: 11. Lento  
21 Preludi: 12. Largo con maesta  
22 Preludi: 13. Tranquillo, delicato  
23 Preludi: 14. Molto lento, lugubre  
24 Preludi: 15. Agitato  
25 Preludi: 16. Molto tranquillo e semplicissimo (I)  
26 Preludi: 17. Molto tranquillo e semplicissimo (II)  
27 Preludi: 18. Larghetto  
28 Preludi: 19. Alla Marcia, svelto  
29 Preludi: 20. Presto, fantastico  
30 Preludi: 21. Lento, a capriccio  
31 Preludi: 22. Presto (I)  
32 Preludi: 23. Grave (III)  
33 Preludi: 24. Vigoroso, elementare  
34 Preludi: 25. Calmo, disteso  
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David Korevaar's world premiere recording of piano music by Italian impressionist composer Luigi Perrachio (1883-1966) is now available (MSR Classics MS1710). The two works on the album, recorded for the first time, are Nove Poemetti (Nine Little Poems,1917/1920) and 25 Preludi (25 Preludes, 1927). 

Composer Luigi Perrachio's music is largely unknown. Having only published a small fraction of his work, he had a reputation for undue modesty. Korevaar says, "this is wonderful music, composed by a man with a distinctive and beautiful compositional voice and a mastery of the piano that comes through in vivid and colorful writing." The recording was recognized by Gramophone saying "the brilliant David Korevaar gives intelligent, thoughtful and dynamic performances of piano pieces by Luigi Perrachio – bringing this delightful assured music to a much wider audience." Fanfare calls the disc "a major addition to the catalog; in fact, it is nothing short of revelatory. Luigi Perracchio could hardly ask for a better interpreter. One fervently hopes this opens the door to more recordings of Perrachio's music." 

Joshua Kozman, in a review for the San Francisco Chronical describes the Nove Poemetti as "a garland of short character sketches, each one with a specific poetic inspiration; the echoes of Debussy that run throughout are both the charm and the limitation of the set" and the Preludi as "a march through the major and minor keys that plays like a gnarled, tender gloss on Chopin's Op. 28." 

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