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David Homan

The Bully's Firebird

Release Date: September 16, 2022

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Hymn of Pan--EVA


David Homan: Career
1 Opening  
2 The Schoolyard  
3 Heading to the Classroom  
4 The Lesson (Double Waltz)  
5 The Books  
6 The Nightmare (Overture)  
7 Firebird's Variation  
8 The Capture  
9 Duet of the Firebird and Prince  
10 Prince’s Solo  
11 Round Dance  
12 Infernal Dance  
13 Bully’s Lullaby  
14 Finale  
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An Homage to Stravinksy Release, by composer David Homan 

Composer David Homan releases The “Bully’s Firebird: An Homage to Stravinsky” for chamber group (Flute, French Horn, Violin, Cello, and Piano) inspired by Stravinsky’s incredible Ballet, the Firebird.   This marks the 7th CD Homan has released, and the 5th publicly available.  

“Inspired by Stravinsky’s unique rhythmic and harmonic style, The Bully’s Firebird is part inspired, part derivative, and in a few cases, straight Stravinsky as a composition intended to tell a new story while honoring his incredible musical language.”

Commissioned by choreographer Camilo A. Rodriquez and Ballet Vero Beach as a ballet to be premiered in Spring 2023, the story is set in a children’s playground, where a Bully, struggling to read, takes out his frustrations on his classmates.  His teacher brings him into a fantastical world where he learns empathy, compassion, and how to connect with his classmates.  

A graduate of Bard College and NYU, Homan trained with composers Joan Tower, Kyle Gann, and Dinu Ghezzo.  His work has been performed internationally through-out Europe, and he has composed over 200 work, all performed live throughout the United States.  As an accomplished composer in dance and theater, his works have been set on ballet companies, modern dance groups, and as part of off-Broadway theater productions including Shakespeare in particular.  

Recorded at the Bunker Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the work features Itay Lantner (Flute), Zohar Atkins (French Horn), Masha Polishchuk (Violin), Elad Kabilio (Cello), and Imri Talgam (Piano).

Homan’s goal as a composer is to write the “melody” that brings one or many people inner peace, calm and gives them purpose.  He does this both through his work, and through his advisory business, Orchestrated Connecting, LLC.

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