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David Garrett

The only autobiography of the "greatest violinist of his generation" - Yehudi Menuhin

David Garrett has worked hard for his way to the violin Olympus. His childhood was marked by discipline and daily work together with his father. He encouraged his talent, supported him and at the same time was an ambitious motor and drive. At the age of ten, David Garrett was already on stage with the greatest international orchestras and later, as a teenager, he played all the important works of classical music until, in his early twenties, he freed himself from the straitjacket of his prodigy existence and went to study in New York.

There he laid the foundation for a new genre of classical music, crossover, in which he combined virtuoso violin music with current pop music - making him better known than ever before. In this way, he embodies in an almost exemplary way the arduous search of a young person for his own path and true life, and finds his very own solution to this problem: complete devotion to what could just as easily have destroyed him as a person - music.