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David Chesky

The Venetian Concertos

Chesky Records

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David Chesky, HDTracks, interview - CES 2015
Chesky Records Introduction Trailer
1 Concerto No. 3, Movement 1  
2 Concerto No. 3, Movement 2  
3 Concerto No. 3, Movement 3  
4 Concerto No. 1, Movement 1  
5 Concerto No. 1, Movement 2  
6 Concerto No. 1, Movement 3  
7 Concerto No. 2, Movement 1  
8 Concerto No. 2, Movement 2  
9 Concerto No. 2, Movement 3  
10 Concerto No. 4, Movement 1  
11 Concerto No. 4, Movement 2  
12 Concerto No. 4, Movement 3  
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David Chesky's newest radically original powerful compositions, The Venetian Concertos, are a tribute to the classic Italian Concerto Grosso form. Chesky uses his fondness for the Baroque as a starting point. However, influenced and inspired by Brazilian, Urban, and Latin music, he then replaces the Baroque line contour with dense chromatic polyphony. The collision of styles creates a powerful new definition of the Orchestral Concerto form, one which embraces a more contemporary and relevant approach to both counterpoint and energy.

11 NEW 105 Total
 C24, TRH
Direct: Sirius, Music Choice, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Cleveland, St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Berkeley CA, Sacramento, Albuquerque, Nebraska - Statewide, Spokane WA, Ft. Wayne IN, Knoxville TN, Madison WI, Hartford, Honolulu, Montreal
Online: AccuRadio, Taintradio

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