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David Chesky

Joy & Sorrow

Chesky Records

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David Chesky, HDTracks, interview - CES 2015
Chesky Records Introduction Trailer
1 Dora's Dance
2 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 3,
3 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 3,
4 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 3,
5 The Wiener Psalm
6 Betty's March
7 The Fiddle Maker
8 Arbeit Macht Frei
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While attending the Polish premiere of his opera The Mice War at Krakow Opera, David Chesky and conductor Yaniv Segal took a life changing trip to the extermination camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Emotionally shaken by the experience, David wanted to create works not only depicting the trauma and sorrows of the death camps, but also the joy and celebrations that encompass all aspects of Jewish life. The music is at times full of angst while constantly pulsating with life and raw rhythmic energy that reflect the rich cultural history and musical tradition of Jews. Using the language and Klezmer style of Eastern Europe as raw material, David has redefined what Jewish music for orchestra sounds like.

19 NEW  61 TOTAL
SYND: Classical 24, CBC
Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Atlanta, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Seattle, Detroit, New Orleans, Denver, Baltimore, Austin, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Sacramento, Buffalo, Albuquerque, Louisville, Omaha, Ft. Wayne, Madison WI, Honolulu
Online: Taintradio
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