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The Last Angel On Earth


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Darunam / Milan - 'The Last Angel on Earth' - live on the CBC, Vancouver
Djelem Djelem-Darunam & Milan at CBC Studios 2009
1 Omen  
2 Tears  
3 The Last Angel On Earth  
4 Amma  
5 Birth  
6 Laila  
7 Sunshine  
8 Move  
9 Sing  
10 Falling  
11 Truth  
12 Night  
13 Life  
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A forward looking endeavor Daranum/Milan, Serbian born, Radovan Jovicevic, Indian-American Manu Narayan & clarinet master Milan Milosevic, join for innovation and tradition on a multicultural musical journey. Titled The Last Angel On Earth the disc reflects the wide ranging experiences of its three members. World music with an otherworldly view, inspired by the myriad original forms heard side-by-side in New York City, the songs on the disc, created in cyberspace across the North American continent, blend sounds stretching across the planet into a unique whole that is very much more than its many individually identifiable parts.

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Markets include: Boston, Wash DC, Houston, Pittsburgh, Berkeley CA, Kansas City, Honolulu, San Antonio, Eugene OR, Chattanooga TN
International: Canada, Italy, The Netherlands
Online: RadioMike, Positivity Radio/The Music Guru Show

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